About Us

Our secrets to extraordinary pet food

We bring together the freshest ingredients, the highest quality meats and specialty herbs to create the finest food for your dog.

Ingredients you can trust

The healthiest foods come from your own garden, so we went to our own backyard to find local produce and meats from farmers we know and trust. Every bag of our delicious dog food is chock full of the best meats and fruits and seasoned with fresh herbs.

Over 90% Animal Protein

All our foods have over 90% animal protein so that your dog is getting high quality and digestible protein.

Quality Free Range Meat

What’s so different about free range meat? For starters, animals are raised in conditions that are closer to nature. Free from growth hormones and antibiotics, this meat contains amino acids that are essential to your dog’s good health. Every ingredient is important, but starting with the superior meat means that every bag of Wishbone is full of freshness and quality.

Small Batches Cooked At Low Temperatures

Good food is about quality, not quantity. We make our food in small batches for maximum freshness. Open up a bag and you’ll immediately

notice the difference. We cook our foods at lower temperatures to preserve beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals that help your dog live a longer, healthier life.