Small Batches Cooked At Low Temperatures

We craft Wishbone in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and premium quality. These artisanal recipes are cooked at lower temperatures for careful preservation of beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals helping your dog or cat live a longer and healthier life.

Ingredients you can trust

No different than a human, your pet deserves healthy food fresh from the garden. That is why we went to our own backyard, in New Zealand, to find local products and meats from farmers we know and trust. Every bag of delicious dog and cat food is chock-full of the freshest meat and juiciest fruits and vegetables, topped with fresh herbs. Wishbone’s ingredient panel reads like something you would trust to have on your own plate.

Over 90% Animal Protein

All Wishbone dog and cat formulas have natural protein sources, with over 90% of the protein coming directly from the feature meat. Wishbone is honest protein for a hearty and digestible meal.

Quality Free Range Meat

Free range meat is happy and healthy meat! For starters, we use meat that is raised in conditions closer to nature – free from hormones and antibiotics. Animals that are raised free range are less stressed reducing the cortisone and adrenaline in their body. This results in higher quality meat for your dog or cat, with proper levels of essential amino acids. Every ingredient is important but starting with a superior protein source promises that each bag of Wishbone is a five-star meal.

We celebrate the families that help make this food possible

Wishbone is still family owned and we choose to support other families. Each year we visit the families who farm the meats, fruits, and vegetables that make Wishbone so exceptional. Walking their fields to learn about their harvest and sharing ideas over coffee, we continue to foster meaningful relationships with organic farmers. Wishbone is an advocate of farmers that promote and practice sustainable farming.