Success Stories


I can honestlyRenata Doberman tell you thRenata Doberman 2at we are extremely happy since we change from other expensive brands to Wishbone LAKE. I am a proud mom of 2 Dobermans, been the mother of a very allergy prone child, since changing to your food his allergies are much better, both have amazing coats and their weight is stable, their absorption of the food could not be better, very little waste and easy clean up if you get the idea. I am a volunteer with the Doberman rescue and we have started recommending your food to our adopters to feed their new dogs. Here are 2 pictures of them!



I had two puppies that started to get coarse hair, lose hair on their rump and hind legs and smell “sour”. I instantly knew this could be a grain sensitivity or “allergy” or something else their bodies were no longer processing completely. I decided since I had seen Wishbone feed out well to a few other dogs, that I would attempt my own “study”. I promptly and 100% cold turkey switched them to Wishbone. Within 4 days, they were pooping a much more efficient way, crumbly, no smell, easy to eliminate stool. Within a short week they weren’t smelling and seemed to be more active and eating substantially less. Within just two weeks I had playful, fun, AMAZING coated puppies that didn’t smell, were incredibly easy to clean up after and just obviously felt amazing. I will now be switching all my dogs and my families dogs to this food. I have researched so many holistic things, fed raw, and fed many of the higher quality dog foods. I like a handful of foods enough to recommend them but have not seen a food this efficient and this thorough in my 14 years of pet industry experience. Needless to say I would recommend this food (depending on the case and the “issues” at hand) to 100% of dogs that fit the criteria for such a food. Downright amazing, plus have you smelled it? Open a bag of the lamb I dare you and not picture lamb in the crock pot with all the herbs you can picture with it straight from the garden. I have had a customer’s dog literally rip the sample out of my hand after I was told by the owner they tried 5 foods and he wouldn’t eat any of them. He is on his 3rd bag.

I dare you to not try it if your dog is in the mood for something incredible!!
Lenae 🙂


Kendal Formo

My name is Kendal and Penny is my beloved Golden Retriever. We love to shop at Ash Way Pet Supply in Lynnwood, WA and they had recommended Penny try your brand of dog food. We bought Wishbone Pasture. I was shocked how much Penny liked it, (she is normally very picky.) I couldn’t believe how great it smells! I also really liked how it made her stools firm and I felt like she was absorbing all the nutrients in her food with your brand. I am sure you can imagine how unpleasant it is when they are really soft with all her fur back there!

They gave me your business card and told me to send you an e-mail to let you know how happy I am with your fantastic dog food. Penny is happy and I am happy to have found your food. Let me know if we can be of any service to you and your company or would like to have a “dog ambassador” to help spread the word, I think Penny would be perfect. Everyone loves Penny, it makes me laugh how so many people know her name but not mine! This is very true every time we go to Home Depot!

Thanks again for your great food, we have yet to try anything else you guys make, but I am sure it is great too. Have a “Golden Week!”